Driving Courses

Learning to drive

Taking you from a basic knowledge to your driving test and beyond. Being in control of a vehicle that can travel at speed is a BIG responsibilty and MUST be treated with respect. Learning to drive is a skill that can not be taken for granted. The ability to drive will last a lifetime, so getting the right training is VERY important. In order for you to learn to drive, you will need a teacher who knows how to communicate this skill to you in a calm and orderly manner.

Here at Aim High Motoring School of Driving, we have the ability and skill to guide you through the process from beginning to end in order for you to PASS YOUR TEST. The Driving Test, like any other test you will have to take, will make you nervous beforehand and during the test, but with the help of our RSA Approved Driving Instructors, we will ensure you are given the proper instruction and confidence needed to pass.

How do I get started?

  • You must have completed your theory test
  • You must have applied for, and received, your learner permit
  • You must have a learner permit for 6 months before you are permitted to take your test
  • If applicable, you must have completed your programme of 12 EDT lessons. (Contact us to find out if this applies)

Car hire for the driving test

For a fee, we can hire a driving school car to you for your driving test. We offer two services in this area

  • Hire the car for your test, along with a 1 hour driving lesson and a pre test on the day of your test
  • Hire the car for your test without a lesson*.

    *Car hire for test subject to driving ability for safety reasons. Car hire is not permitted without having previously & recently taken lessons with this company

  • Driving with trailers

    With the growth in purchases of 4WD vehicles over the last number of years, the need to pull trailers has also grown. Whether that be a trailer transporting tools for work or livestock from the farmyard, a horsebox to bring the pony to a show or a caravan to go on a well deserved holiday, you must be in possession of a valid car and trailer BE licence..

    1. From January 19 2013, certain vehicles presenting for a driving test will be required to meet a minimum real total mass.
    2. Real Total Mass is the term given to the actual weight of a vehicle.
    3. To view the changes in the licensing categories that affect Trailers and all other types of vehicles click here

    Dual controls

    Business Owners!

    • Are you a business owner?
    • Do you have vehicles on the road representing your business?
    • Those vehicles with your company logo are great for advertising your business, BUT are your drivers helping?

    We can help!

    Aim High Motoring can help your business by helping your drivers understand the importance of representing your company on the road, along with bringing them up to date with the ever changing Rules of the Road..


    Remember, to be competitive these days, you need to stay ahead.